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Adding support for a new page

Here is an example of a good PR that adds support for a page.

If you need to edit the i18n resources it should be done here (and not in the src/lib/i18n/generated_kcMessages dir).

You can download the FTL/CSS source files the components are based on with the following command:

npx -p keycloakify download-builtin-keycloak-theme

Video demo

Testing your changes in the demo app (or in your project)

Let's assume you have made some change to the keycloakify codebase and you want to test those changes before submitting a PR.

Assuming you have cloned keycloakify in ~/github/keycloakify this is how you would proceed.

cd ~/github # Navigate to the dir where you have the keycloakify project
git clone https://github.com/garronej/keycloakify-starter # Or your project
cd keycloakify
yarn build
# For the following command you can replace 'keycloakify-starter' by 'my-project'
yarn link-in-starter
# or `yarn link-in-app your-app` to link in another app (that uses yarn)
# The following command will start the compilation of Keycloakify
# in watch mode. You will be able to perform changes on the keycloakify code
# and see them apply live in the keycloakify-demo-app

npx tsc -p src -w 
# npx tsc -p src/bin -w # In another terminal if you are also working on the build tool

Open a new terminal window

cd ~/github
cd keycloakify-starter # Or your project
yarn start

Now you are able to test your local version of Keycloakify in the test app and make sure everything works as expected.

If you want to link your local version of keycloakify in your own app instead of the keycloakify-starter just run yarn link_in_test_app <your_app> (Assuming ../<your_app> exsist)

Heads over the development instruction if you are not already familiar with the process of testing your Keycloakify themes:

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