This tool will only run natively on Linux and Mac OS.
Windows users will haver to use it via WSL. More info here.
This tool will be maintained to stay compatible with every Keycloak version starting from Keycloak Version 11.
However, the default pages you will get (before you customize them) will always be the ones of Keycloak v11.0.3 and some extra pages that didn't existed back then like register-user-profile.ftl.

Supported Keycloak version

See versions Keycloakify have been tested with

Supported React frameworks

If you aren't trying to integrate the theme with a preexisting react app, save yourself some time and just use create-react-app.
See more

Utility that needs to be installed

  • mvn (Maven), rm, mkdir, curl, unzip.
  • docker must be up and running when running
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