Some pages still have the default theme. Why?

This project only support out of the box the most common user facing pages of Keycloak login.
To see the complete list of pages that Keycloak provide you can download the base theme with the following command
npx -p keycloakify download-builtin-keycloak-theme
Most Keycloakify component are based on the base theme of Keycloak v11.0.3 (Video demo).
Here are the pages currently implemented by this module.

I have established that a page that I need isn't supported out of the box by Keycloakify, now what?

I submit a PR to Keycloakify
I do it only for my project
Keycloakify also enables you to declare custom ftl pages.
Check out how my-extra-page-1.ftl and my-extra-page-2.ftl where added to the demo project.
Main takeaways are:
  • You must declare your custom pages in the package.json. example
  • (TS only) You must declare theses page in the type argument of the getter function for the kcContext in order to have the correct typings. example
  • (TS only) If you use Keycloak plugins that defines non standard .ftl values (Like for example this plugin that define authorizedMailDomains in register.ftl) you should declare theses value to get the type. example
  • You should provide sample data for all the non standard value if you want to be able to debug the page outside of keycloak. example

process.env.PUBLIC_URL not supported.

@font-face importing fonts from the src/ dir

If you are building the theme with --external-assets this limitation doesn't apply, you can import fonts however you see fit.

Example of setup that won't work

Possible workarounds

  • If it is possible, use Google Fonts or any other font provider.
  • If you want to host your font recommended approach is to move your fonts into the public directory and to place your @font-face statements in the public/index.html. Example here (and the font are here).
  • If you can't or wont move your @font-face statements in the public/index.html, you can still use non relative url, you will need to enable Access-Control-Allow-Origin for your font files, even on the same domain.

login and email only

As of now Keycloakify only enable you to create a theme that covers the Login pages and the emails. Acount and Admin Console aren't supported yet.
If you are missing this feature open an issue about it.