Some pages still have the default theme. Why?

This project only support out of the box the most common user facing pages of Keycloak but not all of them. You might find out that a page that you need to customize is not yet provided as a react component by Keycloakify.

Here are the login pages currently implemented vs all the existing pages.

Here are the account pages currently implemented vs all the existing pages. You can preview the pages looks in the Storybook. (Well of course the pages that are not yet implemented will not apprear here.)

If the page you are looking for is implemented you can import it in you project with this command:

npx -p keycloakify download-builtin-keycloak-theme

Video demo (Before copying the page in your project try to see if you can't achieve the desired look by customizing the Template.tsx) Otherwise, keep reading.

I have established that a page that I need isn't supported out of the box by Keycloakify, now what?

process.env.PUBLIC_URL not supported.

The environment variable process.env.PUBLIC_URL can't be directly used in a Keycloakify project but there is a workaround. See:

In Vite import.meta.env.BASE_URL is supported!

Self hosted fonts

Importing self hosted font does not work out of the box like it would in a regular React project. See workaround:

Other workarounds

Admin Console Theme not supported

If you are missing this feature open an issue about it.

Wellcome page not customizable

The following page isn't customizable yet.

It's however planned to enable this. Follow the progress in this issue.

Field Names can't be runtime generated

Keycloakify analyze your code to see what field name are used. As a result your field names should be hard coded in your code (If you are using user profile you don't have to worry about it).

// OK ✅

// Not OK 🛑
const bar= "bar";

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