With Vite or Webpack in dev mode


  • Uncomment the getKcContextMock() in src/main.tsx

  • npm run dev

  • Don't forget to comment again when you're done testing.

If you don't have Storybook in your project you can also test your theme with the dev server.

To do that, just uncomment some line in your entrypoint:

import { createRoot } from "react-dom/client";
import { StrictMode, lazy, Suspense } from "react";

import { getKcContextMock } from "./login/KcPageStory";

if (import.meta.env.DEV) {
    window.kcContext = getKcContextMock({
        pageId: "register.ftl",
        overrides: {}

const KcLoginThemePage = lazy(() => import("./login/KcPage"));
const KcAccountThemePage = lazy(() => import("./account/KcPage"));

            {(() => {
                switch (window.kcContext?.themeType) {
                    case "login":
                        return <KcLoginThemePage kcContext={window.kcContext} />;
                    case "account":
                        return <KcAccountThemePage kcContext={window.kcContext} />;
                return <h1>No Keycloak Context</h1>;

The pageId parameter of the getKcContextMock let you decide what page you want to test. The overrides parameter let you modify the the default kcContext mock for the page. For example you can set:

window.kcContext = getKcContextMock({
    pageId: "login.ftl",
    overrides: {
        locale: {
            currentLanguageTag: "zh-CN"

For rendering the Login page in Chinese.

You can then run the developement server with:

npm run dev

When you're done testing, don't forget to comment back the import of the mock. Forgeting to do so will negatively impact the bundle size of your pages.

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