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Here is how you can setup a devlopement environement. You must use Yarn classic (v1). First you want to clone keycloakify and the keycloakify starter alongside each other

cd ~/github
git clone https://github.com/keycloakify
git clone https://github.com/keycloakify-starter

You can start the storybook locally in dev mode with:

cd ~/github/keycloakify
yarn storybook

If you want to test the changes you've made in keycloakify in the starter simply run

cd ~/github/keycloakify
yarn link-in-starter

In parallel you can:

cd ~/github/keycloakify-starter
yarn storybook 
# or
npx keycloakify start-keycloak

And see the changes you make on the keycloakify project applied in the starter, it's all hot reloaded.

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