Realtime input validation

In reality the regexp used in this gif doesn't work server side, the regexp pattern should be ^[^@]@gmail\.com$ (the RegExp should match the whole string) 😬.
User Profile is a Keycloak feature that enables to define, from the admin console, what information you want to collect on your users in the register page and to validate inputs on the frontend, in realtime!
NOTE: User profile is only available in Keycloak 15 and it's a beta feature that needs to be enabled when launching keycloak and enabled in the console.
Keycloakify, in register-user-profile.ftl, provides frontend validation out of the box.
For implementing your own register-user-profile.ftl page, you can use import { useFormValidationSlice } from "keycloakify";. Find usage example here.
As for right now it's not possible to define a pattern for the password from the admin console. You can however pass validators for it to the useFormValidationSlice function.