⬆️CRA -> Vite

Starting with Keycloakify 9.4 Vite is now supported by Keycloakify! 🥳

That being said it will remain compatible with WebPack for the forseable future.

If you wish to upgrade your theme that was based on the CRA starter project here is what you need to do:

  • Clone the new starter and copy/paste you src directory into it.

  • Rename the src/index.tsx into src/main.tsx

  • The build directory is now dist and the build_keycloak directory is now dist_keycloak update your .github/workflow/ci.yaml file and your Dockerfile to reflect theses changes. If you haven't changed anything you can just keep things as they are in the new starter.

  • If you are hosting you app on GitHub pages, don't forget to report your homepage field from your old package.json to the new one. You also want to specify a base option in the vite.config.ts if your app was hosted under a subpath which is the case with the default GitHub Page domains (<username>.github.io/<project name>)

  • Of course report all the dependencies you might had added in the the new package.json

  • Storybook has been upgraded to v8, have a look at the story in the new starters. They are slightly different.

  • You can remove the src/PUBLIC_URL.ts file if you used one. You can now simply use import.meta.env.BASE_URL to reference assets in your public directory like: <img src={`${import.meta.env.BASE_URL}foo.png`} />

  • You now don't have to specify a XDG_CACHE_HOME in your CI. There is a improved builtin cache mechanism in v9.4 that dramatically improve build speed. If you still provide the XDG_CACHE_HOME var env you must also provide it to the yarn build script.

  • (OPTIONAL) You might want to move your Keycloakify configuration from your package.json to your vite.config.ts. You just need to move your keycloakify field in your package.json to the argument of the Keycloakify vite plugin. See here for examples.

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